hello, im 34 years old, female , i am a teacher , i live in the UAE. i have 3 kids . i live a bad life with my husband so our relationship has alot of ups and downs. my story with dizziness started in 2007 when i started to feel that evey thing around me is moving . i went to an ENT doctor who said that i have aproblem with my inner ear he gave me a medicine after a while every thing is ok . in 2008 while i was teaching my student (iwas fasting ) i fell down . when i went to the doctor in the evening she said that my blood pressure is a little bit low . after a period of time i was taking the stairs up at the school to the second floor after i stepped in the second floor i walked for seconds then i felt that my heart beat 3 strongs beats then something goes up pressing the two sides of my head then i fell down again . that day i could gain my strength again withen minutes . in the afternoon i went to the doctor again and explain to her what had happened to me . she made some investigations including my heart , my blood suger and pressure and everthing was normal . since that time if i sit down for along time and stand up quickly i feel that i may fall down and my heart beats fast i am muslim so i put on a scarf upon my head now specially in hot seasons i feel that i cant put it any more i became very nervious from noise or TV sound . last year i made a complete blood count at private hospital in my country and every thing was ideal ! . but i notice that such a dizziness is connected with the movement of my body and if i sit infront of the labtop for along time or if my legs are folded. the symptoms are improving dangerosly because i start to feel a shaking in my kness when i stand up after talking or sitting for along time , please help me know where to start i always feel that something is following me and it may fight me any time …. haifa