good evening
my mom is 45 years old before 2 years she was suffering from a severe headache she was suffering alot then she made a MRI and found that she has a tumor between her ear and neck from the left side so sh went to london to make the surgery thank god they were able to take it off and they removed part od the spinal cord so at first she was suffering from swallowing problems and her voice 70% of her voice dissapeared and everything went well now after almost a year of the surgery she started feeling dizzy and this dizziness stayed with her till now then she went to londen for a checkup this was after a year from her surgery and they found the same tumor but way smaller than the old one that because how small it was they were not able to see it and every 6 months she make a MRI to check and untill now its the same size it didnt change , now since december 2012 she started to have a very painful headache only in the left side of her head , the pain was from the back of her head almost her neck , her eyes , and under the ear she went to many doctors but they told her its nothing she thought that she has a migrane but no she didnt the doctors here in amman also thought it would be a desk but no again so she started to take injections im not sure what are their name exactly but they contain kortezone they injected it in the nerve at the back of her head today is the third injection since february and she s still suffering nothing changed the same pain with no remedy hopefully you’ll be able to help us